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Kevin Couch


Chief Rule Maker/Breaker

Kevin has lived a lot of life in short time on earth. In addition to founding CBC Creative, Kevin has spent time in Chicago touring with bands, even spent a summer on the popular Vans Warped Tour, and currently finds himself managing the hit 90’s group Color Me Badd (of which we just won a website award for creating their site), as well as served on the Sherman City Council and running for the State Legislature in 2018.

We’ll just stop there. He does a lot. The list grows daily.

“I’m not lame, you just don’t understand my coolness” – Unknown

Ben Crouse


Bennie the Pooh

The honey man cometh. Before he joined Kevin to found CBC Creative, Ben helped grow the family business: Crouse Honey – region’s premier supplier of locally sourced honey. But his sweet skills aren’t just confined to apian pursuits. Ben was instrumental in establishing CBC’s corporate structure, working behind the scenes to grow the company into the powerhouse of primo product it is today. As logistics director, Ben make sure the CBC hive keeps buzzing.

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” – Cassius Clay

Sydney Tarsi

Art Director

Crazy Cat Lady in The Making

Sydney is our youngest hire and brings some spunk to the team. She’s fresh out of college, with a degree in Advertising from OU’s Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication. It’s kind of impressive that she came from one of the nation’s top 10 journalism programs, but no one here likes OU except for her. Sydney is an Art Director at CBC, and she makes some pretty fun stuff. She can beat anyone in Harry Potter trivia, is a proud Hufflepuff, and loves to talk about her black cat, Binx.

“Yer a wizard, Sydney.” – Hagrid

Ronald Fuquay


& All-around cool guy

Ronald is the newest edition to the CBC team. He has been coding and building websites for over a decade, and brings a level of excellence you want on your side. He’s a nerd (said in love) who loves Jesus, Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars AND Trek, and long walks on the beach. If you ever see him out in the wild, he does accept hugs.

“Nobody expects the spanish inquisition!” – Cardinal Ximénez

Hayden Arban

Senior Art Director


Hayden Arban is the Senior Art Director here at CBC. Imagine an old black and white film with the guy in a basement mixing multiple beakers of stuff together in order to make his favorite creation – but it’s 2020 in the middle of a Pandemic – and he’s in his leather chaps – behind a computer with MAD SKILLS winning international design awards. That’s Hayden. Also he owns a motorcycle and used to sing in a band. Enough said.

“Therapy is expensive. Wind is Free” – Hayden Arban